Roselyn Marie's Story

My name is Roselyn Marie and this is my story with music; I hope it will inspire others to follow their dreams and pursue their careers of choice!

I grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. My father worked long days and nights in the steel factories, while my mother stayed home with me and my 3 other siblings. She not only took care of the house but was the residential ‘babysitter’ of the neighborhood we lived in. Not only did that give our family extra cash, but it provided me and siblings with an endless supply of friends to play with. We were a happy family full of love and laughter, but we were lacking in the financial department.

One day, one of the families my mother babysat for, was looking to get rid of their piano. They were initially going to sell it, but when they saw how much my siblings and I wanted it, we became the proud new owners of a used piano. Music was always playing in our house – our parents were always singing to the radio and my siblings and I soon were well versed in all types of music. My father played the guitar, so when we got the piano, he wanted his kids to learn how to play music. We couldn’t afford piano lessons, so I stayed after school with our school music teacher, Mrs. Wood. She was the teacher who had the most influence on me and my music career. Mrs. Wood gave me music sheets and books to take home and practice with...she would also give me quick piano lessons for free, whenever we had a spare moment at school. I fell in love with playing music and knew this was the path for me to follow. I am forever grateful to Mrs. Wood for all of her help and support.

When it came time for me to graduate school and choose a career path in college, I went to school for education with a focus in music. At the time, it seemed like a nonsense degree to most of my friends and family (remember, I came from a practical lifestyle where hard, manual work was what paid the bills!) but I stuck with it and soon graduated with my degree. I started out subbing in elementary schools for music teachers until I finally got my first real music teach position in 1979. For over 30 years, I taught elementary music and loved every day of my work. There’s something so rewarding about teaching kids and seeing their faces light up with the enjoyment of making music.

I plan on teaching private music lessons until my mind and body tell me it’s time to quit – hopefully that won’t be for a very long time.